Sea Empress Armor

This revealing green armor, complete with bluish portions, has its appearance modelled after different sea creatures. The breastplate, which barely covers the breast, leaving the belly and back visible, somehow resembles seaweed, and has some thin chains hanging from it over wearer’s exposed parts, with a pair siding the breasts and another the belly; a fifth chain is visible around the neck, which is guarded by the large collar. The breastplate is linked to the pauldrons, composed of green plates and decorated by prominent ornaments seemingly modelled after fins. The gauntlets cover only the forearms, leaving the biceps exposed, and possess decorated elbow guards with prominent ornaments jutting out in whirl shapes, reminiscent of seashells. The armor lacks a waistguard; instead, the groin is covered by revealing dark shorts, and a long cloth, with its edges yet again somehow reminiscent of fins, circles the waist on the back and the sides, being connected to the shorts by a pair of fasteners shaped like sea stars. The greaves possess fin-shaped protrusions in correspondence to the ankles, and extend up to the knees, with the thighs being instead covered by jagged parts made of cloth. The outfit is completed by a headgear, with a large metal part covering the forehead, bearing a whirl-shaped wave on it, and large fin-shaped protrusions siding the head.

Special Features'

Water Resistance: this armor nullifies water attacks.

Water attack: It also allows wearer to charge her attack with water and release powerful whirlpools aganist her opponent.

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