Instead of using Blood Clotting to protect the outside of the body, this technique instead uses chi to protect the inside of the body from internal injuries by forcing the compressed chi to harden the veins in which it normally travels. This technique can also be used when absorbing energy attacks. So the body doesn’t over exert itself when absorbing powerful attacks the user must activate Blut Verschlossen and create a small opening in their system for the energy to pass through. Trapped within the Blut system, the energy moves through the body at high speeds, but instead of leaving the body, the energy simply moves in a circular pattern, going through the same path constantly. Because of the dense blood on the inside of the body, the body remains safe while the energy stabilizes. Despite it's advantage, Blut Verschlossen takes a great amount of strength and focus to maintain. Depending on the power of the attack, the time it takes to use varies. The stronger the attack, the longer the time user has to use it in battle. In addition it is possible for the Blut field to weaken and let the energy pour through. 

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