Fire seal1
A kind of fūinjutsu that involves sealing a technique's effects within a specific location. It requires a caster well-versed in the exacting art of "Sealing Formulas", as well as in ki manupulation. The technique-sealing space in the scroll is left blank, for the formula to be inscribed in with a brush. After drawing the needed seals, vapour appears from the scroll, and envelops the technique. They are sucked in towards the scroll, and the appearance of the kanji for seal () certifies the technique's completion. Once the sealing is performed, the technique's effects cannot be released anew as long as an unsealing technique is not applied. It is an effective technique to circumvent any secondary damage a dangerous enemy technique might cause.

When combined with techniques such as the Four Symbols Seal or Iron Armour Seal Sealing Method grants user the the ability to genetically encode a technique onto a subject. The energy pattern of the technique permeates the subject’s entire body inserting it into their DNA triggering a profound and significant change in the genetic expression of their entire body. This transforms the way the subject’s body systems work, including their glands, nerves, and muscles.

Skilled users are able to invoke certain restrictions of the subject. For instance they can force them to only be able to use the technique a certain number of times a day. Using the Sealing Method uses the subjects vitality as its power source. So no matter how strong they get it will always drain a specific amount of energy. if they use their new ability more than they’ve been restricted to they will die.

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