Research & Exploration



Average Height:

3 - 4 feet

Average Weight:

60 lbs

Average Psi-strength:

Class 8 Baseline Human 5

Average Intelligence:

Class 8 Baseline Human 5

Average Life Span:

180 years

Commonly referred to as "Grays," Sectoids were the first alien race encountered, and remain the most common. They operate according to a strict hierarchy determined by psionic power, and while their society has been described as "hive like" the analogy is not entirely appropriate. No natural reproduction occurs at all among the Sectoid race, they have no Queen or anything of the sort. Sectoids instead focus their energies on "improved replications" and gradual improvements on each cloned generation.

They specialize in the more sophisticated research-based abduction of human beings and mutilation of cattle, but are quite capable in combat as well. Soldier class Sectoids are far more aggressive than their higher ranked cousins, which prefer to lie in wait or psionically attack from a distance. Sectoids are not physically strong or hardy, and while their excellent eyesight and steady aim make them deadly snipers, they fare poorly in close combat or intense firefights as their stamina and endurance are poor.


Sectoid physiology is remarkably simple compared to that or naturally evolved creatures. The digestive system is largely vestigial, and capable of only digesting a special liquid soup of specific proteins and nutrients. Some Sectoids have internal fluid-filled membranes that allow them to function in an airless environment; however, on Earth, they breathe oxygen normally. The structure of the lungs, along with the webbed flat feet and hands suggest aquatic origins. There are no reproductive organs. The brain and eyes are very well developed, including natural ampullae psionic and corona lucis attached to the spinocerebellum and cerebrocerebellum respectively. The small mouth and nose are non-functional, and there is little to no sense of smell.

There is little physical or cosmetic variation between different Sectoids, but human-Sectoids hybrids are known to exist in several forms. Some are engineered to be almost entirely human in appearance, and have been used to infiltrate human societies and organizations. Most are the result of alien research and are visibly more alien than human. It is believed that a very small percentage of the human population has some Sectoid-derived or inserted DNA in them as a result of decades of alien experimentation.


Despite a near non-existent sense of taste, Sectoids seem to enjoy creamed corn and have been observed trying to eat corn on the cob, usually unsuccessfully. Due to the surprisingly primitive Sectoid nervous system, their sense of pain is more similar to that of a fish than a human. Like most aliens, Sectoids have excellent night vision. They are just barely able to "see" into the Near Infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, but are near color blind when it comes to the blue to purple region. Virtually all Sectoids seem to be addicted to psionic stimulation of the pleasure centers of their brains.

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