"Special Techniques of that are not what make a man strong. Tools make men strong, but spirit makes a man strong. That is what I think."


Seigo Hibiki
Aliases Hyakka Kogarashi Hibiki – 'Hundred Flower Whirlwind
Family Hibiki, Tetsuya (Son)

Hibiki, Mitsuko (Grandson)

The Grandfather of Ryoga Hibiki deceased by the start of the story.



Seigo Hibiki is not an impressive specimen. His frame is thin – a stark contrast to his son, Tetsuya his eyes slightly sunken, and his mouth drawn back, lips tight together. He resembles, more than anything, the sort of old man you'd find in the hottest section of a public bath. His complexion is lightly tanned, and his skin looks like weathered dry leather. He wears a traveling pack that looks to weigh as much as he does, along with plain brown pants, shirt and jacket. A checkered yellow and black bandanna circles his bald head.</span>


Background Edit

Seigo Hibiki is the oldest living member of the Hibiki family. A quiet man Seigo has no problem taking a life when he feels it is necessary or just, and he disguises those actions with names that belie their true ugliness. 


 He is the last living member of a Nightmare Unit in the Army of the Kwangtung. He was, in a way, the most perfect and horrible creature ever to bear the Hibiki name. He has survived, after all, where so many other Hibiki’s would have died. Where thousands of Japanese fighting men had been carted off to Soviet labor camps, he had returned home, and not on any ship or plane, an unreadable smoldering behind his dark eyes.



Seigo Hibiki is considered the strongest Hibiki to ever lived. He isn't handicapped by his age, by his height, by his inheritance curse, or by anything else.



Special TechniquesEdit

Hyakka Kogarashi (Hundred Flower Whirlwind):


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