Tetsuhito with Souhaku
Seiji Higaki is a member of the Devil Factory gang.

Character OutlineEdit

Seiji is the current head of the Higaki family and longs for a worthy opponent. This is why he agreed to follow Ryouma and Ayame as he came to the conclusion that they would be the best way to find such a person. He has no problem killing anyone, but he claims he won't enjoy if the opponent is weak. He doesn't have much of a moral code as he will beat a woman nearly to death, will attack before an opponent is ready, and will kill people without warning if they seem to be a threat to DF. At the same time, however, he does show some kind of honor as he rescued those in need. He also seemed to respect those with noble intensions even if he doesn’t agree with them. He seems fairly good at sizing up his opponents, and has no problems incorporating technology into his fighting. He is pretty observant.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit

As a practitioner of the legendary Shutōryū school of swordsmanship, he does not use a literal sword when fighting. In place of a sword, he uses his hands and legs as weapons; though he usually seen carrying the large Sōtō Kanazuchi with him. Seiji focuses more on the offensive aspect of the style meaning that he is relatively is weak in defense. To overcome this weakness Seiji employs technology to confuse his opponents and make him harder to read. He uses small orbs that project holographic duplicates of himself. If the images are disturbed the orbs explode.

Iron BodyEdit

Seiji has mastered his styles Iron Muscle technique making his blood and skin like iron. He further enhances his durability with a breathing method that amplifies the presence of the metal element of Ki in the atmosphere. The Metal elements presence in the body toughens it up considerably. In general most blades just bounce of Seiji as a result, he can withstand being struck by the well-executed swing of a sword without yielding any form of damage, even if he is dealt repeated attacks from all sides. Seiji can go so far as to block the bladed assaults of his opponents with his bare hands, as if he were actually engaging them with a sword himself. This combined with the metal Ayame bonded to his skin has caused his body’s cells to become closer to metal cells than animal cells, to the point that attacks composed of lightning are essentially useless against him and it also allows him to withstand heat to a far higher degree than even the strongest of beings would be capable of.

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