The Sekizen-Ken(孤独拳, Literally meaning. "Lonesome Fist") is the term given to an opponent who obtains the strength that they become so mighty that no outside influence may pose a threat to them. It is not a blessing, nor a feat of power nor result of dedication, it is a horrid curse which prevents a master of martial arts from ever experiencing the thrill of combat ever again, causing them to lose purpose. 


Excessive practise of Gainan Budo results in the curse of Sekizen-Ken, the inability to ever descend from the realm of a transcendant god, preventing the practitioner from returning to human form ever again. The Lonesome Fist crushes any and all in its path regardless of the level of the opponents power, strength, speed, reactions, etc, it is a universal law that the user must slaughter his opponent in a single move. While this eliminates any hope of loss and makes victory constant, it destroys the concept of fighting alltogether, as the user is cursed to forever crush and destroy his opponents with a single punch, and can never return so as to savor the feeling of combat again.

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