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Semimaru Kanade is one of the 7 heads of the Kiryudo, as well as one of the most powerful members of the clan. As a Kiryudo, he's able to control insects; specifically cicadas. His specialty among his fellow partners is "Musician". Apart from his strength, Semimaru is very poetic and often gives fair well Haiku’s to his victims.

Background and AppearanceEdit

Though the Kanade family were always considered one of the more powerful of the Kiryudo they did not agree with policies of the clan and had actually left long before the recent massacre of the Maryudo. However they were still Warriors at heart which is why being members was a long held tradition of the Kanade family. Semimaru followed this tradition whole heartedly as did his son. Sadly Semimaru’s son was badly hurt in battle and the army doctor could do nothing to save him. The fact that despite all of his knowledge and experience in battle he could not save his son filled Semimaru with so much emotional torment that he went back to the Kiryuudo. He believed that if Kabuto was successfully revived, he will be able to resurrect his son.

Abilities Edit

Semimaru Kanade is considered a master of defense with his lute he waits for his prey like a pit of quicksand. Then sucks them down, growing stronger by turning their own fear against them. Using the mind disturbance technique he can command dozens of Cicada Warriors and as he plays the lute, the warriors follow his tunes to form brilliant strategic and tactical formations for swift, efficient, and accurate kills. His technique is said to resemble an orchestra under the command of its conductor. The warriors move according to the lute's melody - just like an Orchestra of Death. Semimaru reads the battle's global progress from above and directs his fighting corps as if it were a game. The troops give their conscious intent over to their conductor, and thus are freed even from the terror of death. This way, they launch attacks in wave formation from a flawless disposition, not a hair out of place, without fearing that they might become a sacrificed piece.

Notes Edit

Semimaru Kanade was one of the various masters Genma Saotome went to aid in the training of his son Ranma during the ten year training trip. His training mainly focused on speed though he didn’t teach him any clan secretes. Both were quite surprised to see each other again.  

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