Sen no Teno




Of the Thousand Hands

This is a powerful and versatile technique that uses raw chi to imitate the effects of Telekinesis the unseen power to move objects from a distance.[1]

Applications Edit

The User creates an extension of themselves in the form of a rope of chi controlled naturally through both conscious thoughts and instinct, as if they were parts of their own body. This rope is invisible but can become visible if its vibration frequency is high enough.

The number, reach and strength of the technique is dependent on the skill of the user. These ropes possess incredible strength, being capable of tearing apart, cutting and crushing extremely resilient materials like paper. They are also extremely fast and precise, following the user's thoughts instantly and exactly. They notably possess a perceptive aspect, allowing the user to instinctively sense things through them.

During a fight, they are very useful to neutralize opponents, physically overpowering them in a heartbeat, and keeping them submissive by latching the rope of chi around them to stop them cold at a certain distance, all while appearing calm and passive. They can also be used to deflect most attacks with frightening reactivity, and obliterate most targets with stunning speed and power. Being essentially intangible, they can phase through most protections and directly target the most vulnerable parts (like internal organs).

As one might imagine, these superiors additional ropes are also very handy for a large variety of mundane tasks.

Weaknesses and LimitsEdit

The more ki user focuses into the rope the less time it can be maintained, similar to how muscles not properly limbered can seize up from unreleased tension. Rapid repeated efforts will lead to exhaustion.


The technique depends on the amount of ki focused into the rope known as their frequency:

Low frequency = Can go through objects without causing physical interference.

Medium frequency = Can lift objects and throw them, as well as disrupt blood vessels.

High frequency = Can slash through wood, flesh, bone and rock. Can carry liquid on surface.

Extremely high frequency = Highly visible and gain potentially explosive power.



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