A powerful empire consisting of 943 planets. It is the homeworld of all members of the Kuramitsu Family. It was, at one time, in a cold war with Jurai, which ended when Ranma and Nabiki were sent to the past. As Ranma was the last surviving member of the Kuramitsu  he was able to put a stop to it. When the Galactic Union was formed, Seniwa was a founding member and its largest state, which means most of the Galaxy Army and Galaxy Police is made up of Seniwans. It is unknown what the government of Seniwa is like, though it is stated there is a royal family, as well as the Kuramitsu Family, who seem to be one of the most powerful families on Seniwa, which is why they have such influence over the Galaxy Police and Army. In the past, The Seniwans had a policy of isolation. It is unknown if it still applies.

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