Senkato Kyuii


Sanmiittai Ninaruichi



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Martial Arts Theater Arc












Crimson and Black

Fighting Style

Seikatsu Shinsei

Senkato Kyuii ( 専科圭善, Peaceful War) is a fictional

character from the fanfic Minkei.

Appearance Edit

Senkato has ruby colored eyes and wavy, shoulder-length dark jet black hair with crimson tips and bangs that he keeps unkempt and parted down the middle. He also has a faded goatee. His typical clothing is consisted of a red collared dress shirt that is open at the collar. One sleeve is cut at the elbow while the other is completely cut at the shoulder. On top of that he wears a leather vest. He wears three belts one red and the other two black around his waist, and wears black jeans with spurs attached to them that look like shuriken. He then wears a set of black gloves that are fingerless only around the index, middle fingers, and thumbs.

Personailty Edit

Senkato is a man that is really mellow. He promotes peace where ever he goes. He's intelligent, philisophical, and guiding. He loves being asked questions and is a born leader. He keeps all of his negative emotions inside of him. He only releases those emotions through his battles. He is directly connected with his art through his personality and emotions. Senkato loves showing who he is to everybody and surprising people with his sudden change in personality in battle. He becomes the total opposite of himself in battle due to the fact that he is fully envelopped by his negative emotions.

History Edit

Senkato's past is kept very close to him. All most people know of him is the fact that he used to be an assassin for hire, which seemingly doesn't match his personality.


Abilities Edit

As the current Sanmiittai Ninaruichi of Seikatsu Shinsei Senkato has been shown to be a highly perceptive combatant able to process information quickly and react to it as fast as he can. This makes him very acute at picking up on an enemy's weakness. One of the things that makes Senkato unique amongst past Sanmiittai Ninaruichi is his mastery and development of Karyu no Ensho to the point where he is able to consciously raise the temperature of any part of his body not just his hands.


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