Sento no Soshokuhin

Adornment of Combat

This is a powerful form of body makeup manufactured with ones blood to create various magical properties. For example, when applied to the body it raises level of wearers reiki.

Gokujo no Sho

Tablet Prison of Cosmetics

By applying the Sento no Soshokuhin to opponent the shape of an infinity symbol user is transfer his energy into them. This causes temporary paralysis to whatever body part in which the symbol is located, making the victim feel as though he or she is being weighed down by at least two-thousand pounds.

Nen Baku Fu Ju no Sho

Secure Bind Sealing Curse of Cosmetics

A set of two kanji words (Fu Ju, translated as Sealing Curse) created when user's blood is spilled and lands on his opponent. When this appears on an enemy, it seals away his or her Spirit Energy. Even if user were to die, the effect of the curse would linger for a limited amount of time.

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