"They say a man is transfixed by the sight of cherry blossoms in the moonlight"



The snow, the moon, and cherry blossoms

This is the base technique of Ranma’s version of kurosenken created from the emptiness of her mind created from her cold rage. Unlike regular battle auras which are visual and spiritual displays of power this aura is described to feel like "air". User barely emits any presence and is practically invisible when fighting. When he unleashes this, he no longer has any form of aura at all. No energy can be sensed coming from him. He can not be detected by electromagnetic fields. His heart and spirit no longer exist. It's as if he doesn't even exist. This technique amplifies aspects of the arashikenken drawing in chi energy to such an extent that they can absorb energy from their surroundings at such an alarming rate that they can actually deconstruct objects, such as buildings. Turning solid matter back into it basic form of ki. The sequence of this technique is usually described as:

(1) Comprehension - Understanding the inherent structure and properties of the atomic or molecular makeup of a particular material to be transmuted, including the flow and balance of potential and kinetic energy within.

(2) Deconstruction - Using energy to break down the physical structure of the identified material into a more malleable state so as to be easily reshaped into a new form.

(3) Absorption – absorbing the energy as you would ki from the environment


At its strongest the pull of this technique is so strong that not even light can escape its gravity. This shrouds the user in darkness. The darkness is a void that devours everything and crushes them. Once again showing Kurosenken’s similarity to the Arashisenken as Black holes are collapsed stars. However the strength of this technique is directly proportional to users focus. When Ranma first used this technique it was at its strongest. But as the fight when on it kept fluctuating, when she attacked, when she lost sight of nabiki, ect. This makes this technique more defensive then offensive. The closer an opponent is the greater the drain on their ki but the further away they are the less effect the technique has. Furthermore user is still vulnerable to physical attacks as this technique does not work on living flesh. Though the technique can absorb the energy used in the attack the attack itself will pass right through. The technique itself is mainly used for absorbing opponent’s ki as well as various fallen debris or other objects nearby while absorbing bigger objects is possible it is incredibly dangerous to user.

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