Setsuna Hanabo







Fighting Style



Ranran na Hakubo - Blazing Twilight: Generates a localized, sustained firestorm. Unlike most fireburst attacks, there is no kinetic explosion, so it can be directed far more easily during a battle without having to worry about shrapnel, force backlash, or excessive damage to the terrain.

So far little is known about Setsuna other than her name and her purpose, aside from the fact that she's a street fighter apparently on par with Ranma himself. Ruthless and cold, she seeks ever-increasing challenges to her strength in order to perfect her skills, and has a habit of crushing anything in her path before asking politely for it to get out of the way. For reasons unknown, she seeks a Yagami fighter who bears the crescent moon that Ranma and Iori wear on their jackets, and though it seems she doesn't even know the name of the man she seeks, she possesses an old metal amulet that bears the mark. Supposedly she uses flames to complement her fighting style, but it's unclear as to what capacity.

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