Shō, sen (衝穿, Japanese for Thrust, Drill) This is an incredibly fast, and very powerful variation of Sho, by flicking their wrist as they cast the Shò spell the Onmyoji is able to make it much more potent to the point that it begins to drill into the target once it hits: The sheer force of the spell easily carrying the subject many yards away, this in addition to the fact that it ignores Spiritual Power, makes it very efficient indeed. It also uses very little energy to cast, meaning that caster’s able to use these in quick succession.

Shōgeki tai suru (衝撃退する. Japanese for Repulse an important duty) By making a quick swipe of their hands as they cast Shò the Onmyoji’s able to generate a wave of blue spiritual energy which rapidly expands outwards, and anyone caught within the wave are forcibly carried away from them. Enabling the onmyoji to gain ground. And gather opponents in one place.

Gopointo Suishinryoku (五ポイント、推進力, Japanese for Five Points, THRUST) The Onmyoji can by pointing his whole hand at his enemy cast Sho with every one of his fingers simultaneously, thus creating five blasts whom all are aimed with deadly precision and whom are able to harm opponents rather horrendously: Naturally, when this spell is cast it drains quite some energy from caster. The subject hit by this spell directly sports a very low chance of survival, as it has been described as having the strength to instantly kill high level demons. It needs to be charged up before it can be fired though, lessening its use in the midst of battle.

Shōmahi (衝麻痺, Japanese for Thrust, Paralyze) This is a weaker version of the standard Shō spell; in that it materializes as one or more thin bolts of compressed energy; these are aimed towards certain bodily points, and they each release a charge of spirit energy when they make contact, if they manage to hit one of these bodily points, they immediately cause the associated body part to temporarily cease functioning. In a manner similiar to acupuncture.

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