User raises their arms and the swirl of their ki rises up like a cone of force that intercepts and absorbs Ki attacks as though they are mere water balloons being hurled against its surface.


User concentrates and intensifies their Ki before raising one leg and directing all of that power into a downward stomp causing a shockwave to fan out that turns the earth around user into a literal land-wave that bowls their opponents over.


this a very powerful technique that works on the principle that that women have a slightly different energy circulation system then men that holds a great deal of its chi in reserve for child rearing. this energy is extremely difficult to tap into because the female body has many safeguards against such as it would endanger a child.


this is a counter to techniques that attack the mind's and nervous systems. the user must find the very energy threads in their body used to control them. then by forcing their own energy back along those threads, the link now favors them. unfortunately the amount of energy needed to force such a reversal is enormous and beyond that detecting the threads is a task even high masters would have difficulty with.

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