Oxccult arts

In occult circles there are two forms of spiritual energy known as Manna and Pranna, which are based on Hindu Yogi mysticism. Manna is the raw energy of life that you absorb into yourself. It flows around you, often harnessed by organic things that tap into earth energy to create a kind of plant variation that animals feed upon. In humans the essense of life energy is converted by the mind into Prana, which is the exhalation of life force, and tends to be shaped by human intelligence into a semi-conscious thing. Karl Jung, a student of Freud, believed that the life energy exhaled by human intelligence was a force of will that could shape an impression of the collective consciousness of man onto a field known as the Astral Plane. The Astral Plane is the Third Rdalm of existence, separate from the Fourth Realm of the flesh, where human souls travel when they sleep or die. It is a realm of dreams that human thought can shape and influence, so that while you dream your unconscious mind "downloads" itself into the gray, formless sea of the atral. Ideas get bounced around like a virtual living network or "Internet" that connects all souls together on an intuitive plane of shared experience. This is what gives substance to our reality, just as when bodies die souls travel back to the Astral plane and experience an "afterlife" that reflects some dreamlike aspect of their unconscious being...

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