Shangri-la ku’un lun

The " Shangri-la ku’un lun" used by Prince Kirin is a form of combat using chopsticks that resembles classical fencing. Its attacks consist of fast stabbing and barrier techniques.


A defensive technique using chopsticks that involves the various patterns of eating rice, creating an impenetrable shield around oneself. The speed of this technique puts even the legendary Chestnut Roasting on an Open Fire to shame. You can think of it like fencing with chopsticks only at an incredible speed that makes it seem as if opponent’s attacks are being blocked by an invisible wall. Training for this technique is done with a bowel of rice with a pickle on top. Trainee tosses the bowl of rice upward without releasing it causing the rice to jump up in the air several feet while spreading out in all direction. When trainee can pluck every kernel out of the air and restored to the rice bowl then positioned in just the right place to catch the falling pickle along the crown their training is complete. However there is only so many ways you can only move chopsticks when plucking rice out of the air especially without dropping the pickle leaving a huge weakness to someone with enough insight.

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