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Sharon Curon is a member of the Chimera’s


Sharon is a slim woman, with blonde hair and amber eyes.  

Abilities and PowersEdit

The Eel Gene Mod implanted into enables her to generate electricity. Because electricity runs through her body, Sharon does not feel or perceive pain as she stated that she feels numb all over her body. She cannot repeatedly use her electricity powers as it injured her internally if it is overused. Her body glows by itself in the darkness due to the electricity that runs in her body.

Sharon also has an electrical discharge ability- just like an eel, she can discharge the energy through lightning blast from her hands or body. The upper limits of this power have yet to be determined, though these attacks remain considerably powerful when used effectively. She can sense ions from a living being within a radius of one kilometer. She can also distinguish whether the living being she could sense is a human or something else.

As a MEC Trooper Sharon wears an advanced body armor that is heavily insulated protecting her from the electricity she generates allowing her to use them at their max without fear of injury. The armor is also equipped with Electro Pulse further augmenting her abilities. When applying her electric powers to the metal of the armor, it will create an electromagnetic field just like the earth and the sun generate their own Electromagnetic fields. This grants her a number of powerful abilities such as becoming immune to the effects of telepathic manipulation due to the electromagnetic barrier. As well as the ability to use external electrical power sources,  from static in the air, electrical appliances, outlets, etc (often causing lights to flicker, etc) to recharge her body's energy reserves, she could expend electrical energy indefinitely without diminishing her personal reserves.

Sharon can also create barriers and shields that she can use to block, repel, hold back attacks and defend herself in battle. An electromagnetic field can control plasma so she can use this method against standard XCOM weaponry. She can use electromagnetism to attract and repel metallic materials and use it to her advantage. Examples include creating a make-shift shield out of scrap metal, walking on walls and ceilings, as well as attracting iron particles in the ground around her. She can also create magnetic pulses that target the organs.

Through training Sharon has learned how to channel the electricity coursing through her altered body to augment her strength, speed, and recuperative powers.


This character’s abilities will be based off of Noriko Ashida from Marvel, Kanon Ozu, and various others.

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