An alloy fusion type Alter that has the ability to regenerate and reattach itself to user if cut off. This alter is very versatile allowing the user to change the shape of their alter to suit their needs in combat. In its first form, the right arm becomes covered in a protective metal alloy and three curved fins are created on the right shoulder blade. In the first form, the fins disintegrate and propel user forward at great speed. Shocking First Bullet is the name of the technique when the first fin disintegrates, Annihilating Second Bullet is the name when if it is the second fin and "Exterminating Last Bullet is the third fin.

Death Bullet-In the second form of this Alter, the fins are replaced by a propeller which allows user to fly at great speeds and the armor becomes thicker. In this form, the Alter completely replaces the arm instead of simply covering it, the armor covers most of the body and three fins come out of the face near the right eye. The second forms attack is known as "Shell Bullet Burst". As would be expected, this attack is much stronger than the first forms attack.

Proud Fist-In the third form of this alter, the metal alloy covers the entire body and user gains the appearance of a humanoid cross between a samurai and a lion. The propeller is replaced by a tail-like whip, which is used to propel user into the air, and is capable of spaceflight. On the shoulders there are smaller tail-like tentacles that increase the propulsion of users’ leaps and the increasing fury of their punches. This form can now launch Shell Bullet attacks, which are vastly stronger than those of the second form, with both hands. This attack is sufficiently powerful enough to punch an opponent clear through dimensional barriers.

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