Shichū Rakuchi Sei




Shichū Rakuchi Sei

Literal English

Fulcrum Collapsing Force


Ranma 1/2


N/A (not a ki technique)

A follow-up to the ‘Armored Door Splitting Fang Failure’. The user falls to the ground while still biting his opponent’s hand, twisting his body so that his back is to the ground and his feet are pointing away from his opponent. The user then violently spreads his arms, forcing his opponent's legs open and off of the ground, while pulling the opponent's shoulders forward with his feet. This forces the opponent to do an uncontrolled forward flip while the user stands back up. If performed correctly, by the time the opponent has rotated back to an upright position, the user is standing behind him and has gained a few seconds to attack his disoriented opponent's back with impunity, typically using the 'White Snake Venom Reliable Fist'.

The training method for learning this technique involves knocking out all of the support beams of the floor of a room simultaneously from beneath it, and escaping before it falls on the trainee.

It shouldn't be that hard to adapt this technique to use against an unsuspecting opponent when lying prone, or to similar kinds of throws and grappling maneuvers.

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