(死覇装, Garment of Dead Souls) is clothes

knitted and sewn using Dragon's Hair and Shikotsumyaku.

Appearance Edit

Shihakusho is an extremely lightweight cloth that has Shikotsumyaku integrated into Dragon's Hair, allowing for an exceptional boost in its strength and hardness, whilst retaining its malleability.

Abilities Edit

The cloth absorbs excess spiritual energy and adjusts itself to the owners ki, becoming stronger and more resilient over time. Futhermore when created using Laminanium it can repair itself over time.

The armor offers a 2-layer defense. The first layer is the physical, with wonderful resistance and magnificent defensive abilities. However it protects only those areas it covers.

The second layer boosts the wearer’s natural defenses and techniques. Like a battle aura it acts as a extension of ones body protecting them from spiritual phenomenon like ki blast from a martial artist or possession by a ghost. The cloth boosts that defense considerably. 

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