Shisonka (子孫日, lit. "Child of the Sun"): Yatagarasu makes Kurumi a child of the sun itself, her spiritual alignment the very core of her essence resonance with fire itself. This grants her a number of unique traits and characteritics associated with her element.

  • Fire Immunity: As a being who resonates with fire, Kurumi is similarily immune to any naturally occuring flame or fire, or those manipulated by outside sources. If she desired he could walk upon the surface of the very sun itself and feel nothing but the comfort of home. This also makes her immune to any fire produced by Yatagarasu, thus allowing her to detonate her own attacks in close proximity without injuring herself.
  • Fire Synthesis: Kurumi's body is able to absorb and synthesis extenal sources of heart and fire into a suitable energy source that replenishes her reserves. Coupled with the various energy techniques absorbing technique thrown around like the Hado ken or Utakata Yojin, and Kurumi is an entity who can obtain not only sustennance from fire, but power as well. This ability also makes her virtually immune to sources of fire used by opponents against her, since she can consume the flame readily enough and absorb its energy. Spiritually-induced fire based attacks are essentially useless against her, since she can simply absorb the essence of their powr and add it to her own.

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