Shokei ken

Shaping boxing

Many martial arts use animal forms but the shokei ken changes from the usual road to go in the direction of the animal towards the occult world. There are 10 principal forms of animals. The dragon catches the bones, the tiger slaughters its preys, the rooster has fighting spirit the horse can pass over its trough, bear huddles up, the monkey is struggling the sparrowhawk dives in the forest the swallow shaves the water the falcon holds tightly the snake pushes back the grass.

This technique for making a man into a beast. The human body has some 2000 energetic points which are distributed over meridians of 1mm within those there are 8 forbidden pressure points which should not be touched except if you want death. But the truth is there is a 9

th point. A key point making you able to change a human into a beast man in this shrine is hidden an ancient book with this forbidden secret technique.

Lethal point (leading to death) the silent point(stopping someone from speaking) the blurring point (causing tingling sensations or paralysis of the limbs)

The final cerebral point of bestiality I need to pierce the cranium itself for reaching the brain with this needle even an error of 1mm would mean death or ending as a veggie


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