Shotai Fumei


Unknown Identity

This technique uses Synchronization to blend the melded auras with user’s own personal ki reserves. The energies harnessed and projected merge with user become one transforming them into raw spiritual energy. Shōtai Fumei refers to the fact that since the user's body becomes more energy than matter, they are known as an "existence" instead of a "person". Those who learn to use this technique can channel greater forces than normal humans can contain, and their bodies are better adapted to managing the stress levels that this places upon them. A master of this technique does not truly age as they can constantly renew themselves with vitality that changes cells with replication abilities, which also makes them more difficult to kill than a normal person. The down side to this great power is its terrible after-effects. After one reaches their limit, the power disappears almost as quickly as it came leaving the user completely drained and at times, bleeding from the eyes and nose, from the immense stress forced onto the brain.


This technique is based off of Kazakiri Hyouka from Toaru Majutsu no Index, Nova from Psyren, and Jean Grey from All New All Different X-Men

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