Hailing from Greece, the siren is a creature featured in their ancient lore as seductresses and troublemakers. They are most famous for their voice, which could sing with such potent beauty that sailors would shipwreck themselves tryingto get to them. The siren's voice box contains more than eight times as many muscles and folds as a human's, and is far more sensitive. This gives a siren unbelievably fine control over their voice. Things that would take a human long practice to master, such as throwing one's voice, imitating voices, and ventriloquism, a siren can do instinctively. Coupled with their naturally wonderful voices, this makes them excellent stage performers. In battle, their abilities are more ambiguous. Rumor has it that some sirens have learned to release sonic bursts that vibrate at perfect frequencies to funnel the air into powerful kinetic projectiles. Other stories mention special songs that can seriously damage a person's brain, or even tear bodies apart with sonic vibrations.

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