Slade Wilson is an Acting Major recently transferred over from the White Hill Facility in and forced to operate off of the USS Boxer. He was assigned to monitor the Juliet squad for their assignment in Roanapur.

Background Edit

Since the destruction of the organization's Wyndham Facility the front had been hectic to say the least. They still didn't have a single proper base to operate from and so a series of interim measures had been taken. The Australian government had loaned one of their land bases to allow for refueling and storage of a pair of Firestorms while a mobile platform had been made available by the USN to support a single Skyranger and a light assault force.

The New Australian Branch of UNETCO was very much at the mercy of handouts from the Far East Asian and American Branches at the moment. A skeleton crew was still operating the nearly destroyed Hyperwave Decoder down in the ruins of Wyndham, but the base has been completely compromised. Plasma had ripped the old girl open and the alien raid, while ultimately repulsed thanks to outside assistance, had resulted in extensive damage across the board. UNETCO High Command also didn't seem interested in installing a more than token replacement over the months that had followed.

Abilities Edit

While no where near the level of the Juliet, India and Romeo squad Major Wilson was trained in Mantis an old Aokigahara style from the a 'Corpse' ninjutsu clansmen. He mostly uses it for recreation and fitness these days. He doesn’t look it, but he is pushing fifty. He is still one of the best, and it is because he keeps to a rigorous program of physical conditioning. But he hasn't actually had to use any of it in recent memory. You rarely had to use traditional martial artists on the modern battlefield. The takedowns and CQC defense were the most important aspects. Ideally, you wanted to shoot the enemy, especially the alien enemy. Not get into hand to hand with them.

The SuccessorsEdit

All of the other Successors are copies of the original Major Slade Wilson. They all look the same, have the same memories and personalities, and have the same basic equipment. The original Slade was the commanding officer of the USS Boxer during the First Alien War. Oddly enough, while the Clarks are all copies of the same person, they do have a sense of self and individuality and often converse with one another as though they are separate entities.

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