Soul Eater Not! v01 c02 - 072-073
Sleepy Fist
(睡拳, Suiken) is the distinctive fighting style utilized by Ranma Saotome, which is employed only in circumstances where he finds himself in a semi-conscious state, such as being asleep. Ranma has trained his sixth sense to the point where it has become internally linked with the his reflexes, kinesthesia and proprioception, enabling him to evade, dodge, and avoid almost any form of danger, no matter how fast, subtle, or sudden it may be. It is always active even when asleep, activating his reflexes almost as immediately as it would if he were awake. This allows him utilize his are, through what can only be interpreted as a very unique form of sleep-walking. Despite the numerous impairments resulting from being asleep, Ranma, whilst using this particular style, possesses both incredible reflexes and speed, which when used in conjunction with the momentum and weight of his staggering body, can defeat the majority of opponents with only a few fluid movements. However, there remains a considerable downside to this, in that Ranma cannot sustain this fighting style for extended periods and soon succumbs to regular sleep after just a short while.

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