Heat itself is born from the vibrations of particles that are sped up by external and internal forces. With this understanding, user can cause matter to burst into blue flames which posses more physical force and produces a combustive effect that is more intense than that of normal fire, though they become red/orange by slowing the acceleration. While the flames are, on their own, quite hot and extremely lethal, user can actually increase the heat and temperature by simply willing the vibrations to further accelerate. The oscillations can be sped up so much that they result in enormous explosions of great destruction. The power of the explosion is dependant on the mass of the object.

Despite the techniques incredible might, because this is simply the act of willing the vibrations to go faster, the flames that Sokushin creates exist only in the spot in space at which user enacted his will. However skilled users such as those who are able to manipulate ambient energy or perceive the flow of life energy within the earth are able to transition the blue embers and move it in accordance to his whim or when creating explosions do so with less matter.  


Based off of Synchrotron, Gambit, and Rei Ogami.

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