A vibroblade, also known as a Sonic Blade, is a hand-carried weapon made of Acoustium metal. The design of the weapon is based off of the last killing sword forged by the legendary swordsmith Arai Shakku; the Mugenjin. Like the Mugenjin Vibroblades have several unique properties to allow them to kill without losing their edge or otherwise stagnating. Their self-sharpening edge is berthed to them by having a sizable portion of the blade chipped away in a regular, serrated pattern, which allows them to lose none of their feel regardless of the number of men they slay. The weapon's hilt or handle usually contains a compact ultrasonic generator, causing the blade to vibrate at a very high frequency to increase its cutting ability. While having very little visible movement the vibroblade is actually striking the target a number of times per second. Each strike, chips away a bit more of the target, making even the slightest glancing blow become a gaping wound. This happens so fast that the blade appears to "slice" through the target.

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