Soul Transfer is a technique that can essentially be considered the opposite of Yūgō in that it allows user to transfer their consciousness to someone else's body.


By combining Sentient Ki Melding with Ki Transfer user creates an advanced combination of Silent Breath and Puppet Grip in that it allows user to immobilize, manipulate and force opponents to exceed their limits or even reduce the usage of ki. Like with Yūgō as the connection becomes deeper and the last of their life force is transferred user’s soul is transferred from their original bodies to others gaining its abilities and powers. If periodically repeated, it grants the user immortality as long as they can find new host bodies and keep them alive. These bodies eventually start decaying and "burn out" and become nothing more than animated corpses before it has to be disposed of. For if the body dies while the soul is still in it the soul dies as well. The stronger the body the longer it last.

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