The Umisenken and Yamasenken symbolize the power to erase existence. Thus they focuse on the void, the space surrounding every person in a given area. The users of the original Senken’s while not able to wield it for themselves are able to manipulate the "nothingness" around them or their given area to twist and distort it. Through this they strive for the unification of human and nature allowing them to sense changes in external chi before they occur. They use their near boundless inner force to exchange their will with the whole of nature by assimilating their ki with the natures. Thus, they rule over all natural phenomena and disaster.


The technique uses ones inner ki to manipulate the surrounding ki energy. The technique works on the vacuum phenomenon. When two flat objects are placed upon one another and the air between them is removed they cannot be separated. The pressure of the surrounding atmosphere exerts force on the objects preventing their separation. By directly manipulating external chi user creates two layers of energy between it and their own inner force. This creates a null space of energy between the two layers. This technique is extremely hard to control. The nature of the technique causes it to forcibly pull in more energy both from you and the surrounding area to exert more force on the two layers. This is dangerous because it can easily lead to the user's death both from energy loss and the backlash. When proper control is established if one applies just a little power they can change the flow of the surrounding energy both offensively and defensively.

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