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Using the Jūgen of Resurrección the spider clansman gain sphincter like sacks that produce chemical known as 'web fluid'. The fluid comes out very tiny, but absorbs a lot of air causing it to expand in size and length and it uses that "oxidizing" effect to increase its strength to form a long-chain polymer knit of extremely tough but flexible, elastic fiber. That way, they can have "a lot of it" without really having to produce a lot of it. In addition the compound uses carbon out of airborne carbon dioxide to knit itself into webs, which allows for vast strength. The actual web is analogous to nylon with the tensile strength of Kevlar, naturally weaving it into a rope-like shape. The adhesive quality of the substances decreases rapidly with exposure to air; therefore, the ends, where it quickly strikes the surface it is meant to stick to, stick extremely well, whereas the actual length of web, which remains exposed to air, is more easily handled. This trait is critical to most of its functions, including the creation of complex webs, hardened surfaces, and so forth. The compound continues to absorb elements from the air after forming, and eventually gets to the point of super-saturation and keeps absorbing till it crumbles, all in a process that takes about two hours. It dissolves into a non-toxic powder.

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