Staff of the Water Goddess

This staff is six feet long, crafted of a strong steel, and is as blue as the ocean. Several etchings cover its surface, most of which are useless, but some are used to bind the user to it. This staff is given only to followers of the Water Goddess, Aya. This staff instantly melds its spirit with that of its user, making it impossible to be cast away. The staff holds some magical powers, but mostly stands as a sign of faith, and a sign to all that its bearer is in service to Aya.


Water Tunnel

Through the tip of his staff, wielders can conjure up a swirling cyclone of water which pummels into their opponent with great speed and power.

Bless Water

Wielder can dip their staff into any water and turn it into a form of holy water. The water's hue then changes to a more silver shade. This blessed water can severely burn undead and pure evil creatures.

Tidal Wave

Wielder plunges the staff into the ground (if on a surface which the staff cannot pierce, wielder will just place the tip on the ground). A slight vibration ripples out in all directions from the place where the staff is touching the ground. Then, every body of water within a mile radius will empty itself out and rush toward the target.

Polymorph to Water

Wielder can transform them and any items attached to them into a puddle of water. Obviously, physical attacks will be useless against them in this form, but they cannot attack or cast spells as long as they is like this.

Breathe Water

Pretty self-explanatory, wielder can breathe in water without the nasty side effects.

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