This is a unique Personal Armor created for Starfire as a replacement for the suit she'd lost destroying Saffron.

Description Edit

Starfire’s suit has numerous small improvements over the original. Thanks to her innate strength and flight, she was allowed to add some extra modular armor plating in addition to the Polarization technology. It still has the intricate internal cooling and insulation systems of the standard personal armor suits, but field experience had shown that, as an aggressive flier, Starfire attracted a disproportionate amount of enemy fire.

The large riot shield strapped to her back, a combination of Cyborg's polarization technology, Ukyou's spatula tech and the standard Xcom cooling systems and just sheer weight of alien alloy, is also impossible to miss. Nothing short of vehicle-class exotic alloy is guaranteed to take a heavy plasma bolt and not be a molten mess, but, this armor should hold up against any HWP in the field. Since she used internally generated starbolts as her main weapon at-range, rather than a rifle, it is considered a worthwhile addition to her equipment. Unlike a human, she can actually carry the otherwise completely unwieldy piece of armor without any difficulty.

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