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Stigmata" (聖痕, Stigumata); it is the sign that one has a destiny. Those

who bear the stigma are granted the power to interfere with the outer world.

Overview Edit

The stigma is the pass (and a seal) for those who bear this Stigma exist to intervene in destiny itself. It is a Mutation that Kazuki Fuuchouin spent his life creating and perfecting. He states that those who bear the stigma have seen what shouldn't be seen, thus the seal of the Stigma was gained so that they may never forget.

Acquisition of the Stigmata happens through the alterations of the bodies ley lines creating a materialization in one’s eye. However, modification of ley lines is a delicate process, as making a mistake can cause disastrous results. Those who bear the stigma are granted with immense power. They will be in pure bloodlust. With modifications, leylines can be used to strengthening the power that flows through a ley line, or as something akin to pipelines. All of their natural abilities and stats are augmented to their absolute best granting superhuman physical strength, incredible speed, capable of channeling larger amount of ki, and superhuman senses.

Powers and Abilities Edit

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The Stigmata

refers the ability to call upon the life force of the planet. This mark endows one with super-human capabilities.  It also possesses a desire for violence if the seal is not sealed, making the actual eye ache unless enough blood is shed.

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