Literal English

to cling to

Parent Technique

Tenmou (Heaven's Vengeance)


A Scary Thought

This technique works by attacking an individual with your own rhythmic flow causing a short term alteration of the properties of opponent’s rhythm, locking their movements and leaving them open for attacks. It is also possible for user to use this technique on themselves, to hold themselves in place so as not to be pushed back or pulled forward by enemy attacks. It is necessary that user to be able to concentrate in order to maintain the stitching and to strengthen and control the technique. This is so their partner  is still able to attack and defend as needed while using it on an enemy. It is also necessary for a user to learn to be able to channel their rhyhtmic flow through their body into an enemy for an attack.

Through the conduction of an extremely powerful rhythmic flow, the technique permeates throughout the victim to such an extent, that the stitches can act internally. Due to this effect, the entirety of the body's nerves are sealed by the various stitches, completely negating any opportunity for the opponent to preform movement. However; the ability has an inherent disadvantage, in that it requires concentration so great that user isn’t able to move. This also means that the technique can't be maintained for extended periods.

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