Sugoroku Mutou Kuramitsu


Around 3000


1.51 m

4.954 ft

59.449 in151 cm


136.686 lb

62 kg




Ranma Kuramitsu (father)

Nabiki Kuramitsu (mother)

Kuramitsu family

Unnamed wife

Unnamed son

Yuki Muto (daughter-in-law)

Yugi Muto (grandson)


Owner of the Kame Game shop


Sugoroku Mutou is the grandfather of Yugi, who calls him "Grandpa" (Jii-chan). Solomon gave Yugi the Millennium Puzzle as a present. He owns the Kame Game shop, where Yugi and his friends get several of the games they play.


Solomon was a notorious playboy who took pride in his looks. His hair was especially important to him. He had even had his Ship alter his hair color, giving it three distinct colors. A trait which was later passed onto his son and grandson.

Temple of TsunamiEdit

Roughly more than One Hundred years ago Sugoroku Mutou Kuramitsu, known sometimes as Solomon asked his father for permission to visit Jurai and seek help at the Temple of Tsunami after having troubling dreams for many weeks, as if something was calling him. The closer he got to the temple the stronger the visions grew in strength . Until finally he witnessed a vision of a dusty land, pyramids, mysterious items, creatures that could be commanded, and a great monster that was barely kept from destroying all life on their world...

Before he could head into the Temple he was met by his dreaded sister-in-law Lady Seto. When she offered to set him up with someone Sugoroku teleported back to his ship and had it recall all of the possible data from his dream that matched the criteria of one world. Figuring that burning deserts would be better than marriage he headed for Earth.


No Need for DestinyEdit

During a slow day at the Kame Game Shop watching cute girls walk by when he received a Message Sprite from his sister Hippolita telling him that Lady Seto heard about the family reunion. For two days Sugoroku cleaned the shop for his parents arrival worrying his grandson and daughter-in-law as he kept muttering about Seto coming for his single grandson. When Joey entered the shop to find out what was going on Sugoroku mistook him for Seto and attacked him. Which caused him to be berated by Yuki for throwing knives at people.

Yugi asked what Kaiba did to him to warrant such a reaction. So Solomon sat down and finally explained to Yugi that he was that he was apart of the Kuramitsu clan a galactic empire. The then went on to explain that the Seto he afraid of was actually the "Devil Princess of Jurai,". Afraid that Seto had set her sights on Yugi Solomon engaged him to Tea and Rebecca to prevent her from matching him up with anyone.

Yuki was livid both that her father in law had engaged her son without her consent as well as the fact that he was just now explaining this to her. After she calmed down Solomon released his disguise cloak and explained that his son was going to tell her when he returned with his mothers. There conversation was interrupted by Bastet coming to return the Millennium Puzzle to Yugi.

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