Water Flow Control


commanding the movement of the water

The Suiryūsei is the ultimate expressions of soft-type martial arts. In accordance with soft-type martial arts, the key is facing an opponent without intending to fight force with seemingly superior force, but rather to use the target's own power against them in some advantageous manner. Therefore, the Suiryūsei is a technique that finds the most effective method at allowing user to express this soft-type motive at the most extreme level possible.


The Suiryūsei's full power is only possible when used by someone that has mastered the Shijima as it requires an absolute stillness of the mind and of the energy within the body. User must maintain complete control over their emotions and keep an absolutely calm mind; otherwise, the skill is doomed to fail and the user may possibly lose their life. It operates according to three general principles, or rather "levels", which follow one another in a sequence.

Understanding of the FlowEdit

Comprehending the opponent's flow of energy, or rather understanding one's opponent and feeling their rhythm, is a critical necessity in truly mastering the martial arts. It is through such a feat that one is capable of perceiving the nature of their target's spirit. An untrained user attempting to use this level of Suiryūsei may actually inadvertently lose concentration based on what they discover through this newfound perception. In addition, for any normal user, such an act takes a considerable amount of time, as they would need to fight their opponent (or rather, "spar" with them) for a sufficient length in order to truly comprehend their fighting flow so that Suiryūsei will become effective.

Entering/Merging with the FlowEdit

The second level involves using the knowledge of the opponent's flow of energy and entering the flow; essentially becoming one with the target and their movements.

Disruption of the FlowEdit

The idea behind the third level of the Suiryūsei is utter disruption and destruction of the target's flow or movements. The third level is also the most difficult to learn how to utilize, regardless of the method at which it is used.

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