Super Armored Shell Battle Mode Three

Also Known As

Polarity Wall, Void of Lightning

This technique takes ions to create a special electromagnetic wave that can distort space and form a shell of 'ultramagnetism' about the area creating a very strong defensive wall, that is powerful enough to deflect bullets and very high levels of impact such as oncoming vehicles, physical attacks, grenades, explosives, artillery fire, missiles, fire, and most energy attacks. However it is especially weak on areas that are not consciously defended. Also, as user desires the shield can be completely air tight, even to the effect of containing an environment. Air is a mixture of nitrogen, which contains p-orbitals, oxygen, which also contains p-orbitals, and other heavier gasses. It's only about 3 percent hydrogen, and 3 percent helium. The force field works from both sides-- as the air molecules 'bonk' into it, trying to escape, they are repelled from the ultramagnetic gas, back towards the center of the force field. This technique commonly used against the various Senken techniques that utilize vacuums. These shields are highly obvious as they crackle constantly with bright blue electricity. By the very nature of this technique, user can hide from detection what is in the field, but not the field itself.

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