On the other side of the spectrum there is the light ha do. Darkness is just easier to embrace, but for there to be darkness, there must be light as well. Dark Ha Do works by calling on specific energy forms that reinforce themselves easily. The easiest such energies to gather are those of baser emotions: hatred, desperation... But you can also gather others. Light ha do works by focusing on positive emotions. However ki and emotions are strongly linked, and internalizing such large amounts of negative ki can cause a negative change in your personality the light hado is basically the opposite, but don’t mistake that for being good both techniques affect your personality and inject massive amounts of foreign ki into your body.

Heaven’s Ascension

This technique executed the same way as the Shungokusatsu but instead of demons judging the opponents sins the work to cure any former ailments, such as those being controlled, insane, etc. however this technique is just ad deadly as the last.

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