Suzuki Minoru
Tough v16 c165 - 049


Oto no Srnsei

The Wind



First Appearance

Martial Arts Theater Arc



Fighting Style


Suzuki Minoru is a fictional character from the fanfic


Personality Edit

True to his name Minoru changes as the wind blows, and appears and disappears unnoticed.

History Edit

Suzuki Minoru the current Oto no Sensei of Dengaku along with the other leaders of the five factions were sent to kill the SNDF for dishonoring the Martial Arts Theater school.

Abilities Edit

As the current Oto no Sensei of Dengaku it is said that Suzuki can level forest with his strength.

He is particularly skilled in the use of the Kaze Atemi and since air acts as a medium for sound vibrations, Suzuki does not need to worry about having no medium for the airwaves to travel through. Due to the vibrations being capable of traveling from one medium to another, the airwaves cannot be blocked easily. What normally blocks sonic waves and vibrations may be shattered by the high-pressurized air currents, allowing the vibrations to continue towards the target, increasing the range and lethality of his abilities, while conversely what blocks the air currents is shattered by the sonic vibrations.

In essence, this ability creates atmospheric air pressure to allow ki to travel through, overcoming the weakness of vacuum, while increasing in strength and versatility by adding air pressure.

With the ki techniques of the Dengaku he is able to read the vibrations in the air, allowing him to overhear conversations and everything around him.

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