Suzumushi Hyakushiki: Grillar Grillo

Cricket Hundredth Ceremony: Lunatic Shackles Cricket

The release causes the body to become enveloped in darkness, transforming it into a bestial ghoul-like form. In this form, user becomes hunched-over and their entire body is covered in black fur, with a large hole in their torso. They also possesses four insect-like arms with clawed hands. Out of the hunch on the back are two large long spiral horns, each adorned near the points with two rings with chains hanging from them. The head takes the form similar to a cricket with a bilateral line running down the center, with large bulbous eyes and large rings hanging from the side protrusions. At the bottom of the head is a small opening where the mouth is, which also has jagged teeth. The form has a long bushy tail and a double pair of insect wings.

Resurrección Special Ability: In this form, user has incredible sound-based abilities.

· Immense Strength: The Resurrección grants user increased strength.

· High-Speed Regeneration

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