Gentle Sword
Gentle Sword

Gentle Sword is Audrey's signature technique, where she uses her sword to deflect her opponent's attack without opposing it with force. This creates an incredible defense, being able to easily reflect any opponents attack.

Shadow Hunter

When Nina uses her special attack, named "Shadow Hunter", her blade will track the Yoki of her opponent until the Yoki is extinguished. The move can only be stopped by directly attacking Nina.

Rippling Sword

In order to receive a unique nickname, Ophelia invented a sword technique that involves swift undulation of her sword arm so her sword appears to be rippling. She uses this ability to avoid her attacks being blocked by Clare but this ability was not effective against Irene's Quicksword technique.

Phantom Move

Miria's trademark technique is a split-second spurt of Yoki to make her so fast that she becomes invisible, leaving only an after-image which lasts a second to give the impression of a Phantom. Before her time in the North, she could only do it a limited amount of times but, after her time in the North, she could perform a slower but more efficient Phantom Move since it required no Yoki and she could do it an unlimited amount of times.


The Windcutter is Flora's signature technique. It requires Flora to draw and re-sheath her sword at lightening speed and since it doesn't consume any Yoki she can use it continuosly without tiring. This technique earned her the nickname "Windcutter Flora" and the title of "Fastest sword amongst the Claymores". Though this title goes to Clare, the technique is still considered to be the fastedt draw of any Claymore. Clare uses this technique after Flora's death.

Muscle Enhancement

Undine uses her Yoki to enhance her muscles, giving her monstrous strength and a bulky appearance. However this is only temporary as she reverts to her small and delicate form when she stops using her Yoki.


She was taught this skill by Irene and, after acquiring her right arm, was able to use it to greater effect.


During her time in the North, she could not practice the Quicksword as it required Yoki. So she learns how to perform the Windcutter which is slower, but has greater accuracy, and with the primary difference being she doesn't need Yoki to execute this technique.