T-Force Armor is a type of body armor in Reflections Lost on a Dark Road.

Description Edit

This armor is highly dependent the force field technology which directly manipulates electromagnetic and gravitational fields in an area. Cannibalized from the T-brella the tech has been tweaked and upgraded with a superior power supply for longer duration missions. The endoskeletal accelerator system has also been blended with UNETCO style strength enhancement used in more modern personal armor suits allowing whoever is wearing the armor to perform feats of near-superhuman agility. However the design is actually based off of Cyborg’s actuators tweaked for flesh and blood meaning it has no safeties on the installed artificial muscle fibers.

The armor is also augmented with a prototype holographic emitter which uses the the emitter array used by the force field system to project a more coherent image. While far from perfect, it is enough to gain a useful advantage against the old Mark-One Eyeball.

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