Earth-Severing Wind

it takes the form of a wakizashi with a an H-shaped tsuba and white weaving around its hilt, and black sheath.

Shikai: the Shikai is triggered by the command Blow it Away (吹っ飛ばせ, futtobase). When released, air currents swirl around wielder, and then around Tachikaze. It then transforms into a combat knife with a bronze guard, light purple hilt-wrapping in the center of the hilt, a gray leather grip, and a small ring on the guard's blunt side.

Shikai Special Ability: In this form Tachikaze has the ability to manipulate wind and energy.

· Air Blades: By slashing at the air, wielder can release transparent blades of wind which cut enemies from a distance.

· Energy Blast: wielder charges Tachikaze with his spiritual energy and fires it as a white energy blast with extreme force. This blast is quite devastating.

Bankai: Tekken Tachikaze (鐡拳・断風, Iron Fist Severing Wind): When released, Tachikaze transforms from a single combat knife into a pair of large knuckle blades that wielder holds in each hand. Both blades have a curved silver edge, which tapers off to an outward point on either side. Segmented purple bands wraps around the entirety of the arms, much like armor, while a thicker purple band arches behind wielder, over the head, with its ends protruding from under the shoulders.

· Bankai Special Ability: It greatly augment wielders strength.

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