Tachikomeruniterashite: (たちこめるにてらして, lit. To Shroud in Light) cloaks users entire body in a bright,
mystifying, shimmering light. The abilities of this particular shroud are typically used at close-range, and are:

§ Manipulation of Light: user gains minor manipulation over the forces of light in an area around him. This can either be used to momentarily blind enemies to leave them vulnerable, to tie them up in ropes of light to leave them immobile or to create a relatively weak shield to guard against attacks.

§ Nijikasumi: (にじかすみ, lit. Rainbow Mist) An offensive skill that focuses the light shroud around user's blades. The light acts as an augmenter to his physical strikes, increasing his cutting force. The strike also has the added effect of cutting through anything created from shadows, as the light dispels the forces in question.

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