No Need For Destiny




Miyuki Kuramitsu (daughter)

Tai is the biological father of Miyuki Kuramitsu


Tai met Nabiki in a bar while attending Galaxy Science Academy. Nabiki had just discovered that Ranma and Washu were getting married and decided to drown her sorrows. Seeing how depressed she was Tai decided to talk to her. The two ended up hitting it off and sleeping together. Two months later when Nabiki informed him that she was pregnant he snuck out through the bathroom and immediately transferred to another campus. When a disgusted Nabiki caught up with him he tried to blame her when she said she wanted nothing to do with him claiming that she manipulated him into leaving school so that she could be with Ranma. Tai tried to prevent leaving not that he wanted to be apart of the child’s life but so that Nabiki would admit that he was right so that he could leave guilt free. He ended up on the floor with a foot pressed to his neck and Nabiki telling she never wanted to see him again before knocking him out.


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