Fist of the Sun

An ethereal smoke like substance starts to form on user’s body as they battle opponent and leave a trail of sparkles trailing behind them. This technique is used to to gage an enemy’s ability to think and to see how they react. With a final mental shove user explodes into a blinding white light that flashes across the sky and travels down their path with a trail of sparkles. They leave user in a wave of piercing lights that catch opponent by surprise as it washes over them and light them up like a mini flying sun. It also moved across the rest of the battlefield in a matter of seconds and lights up the whole field around them as if the sun is raining light down upon the world. This technique is defensive rather than offensive, and is mainly used as way to gain the upper hand or in order to make hasty retreat. Because of the nature of the attack, it has almost always been extremely effective.

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