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Takuma Fudou is a mercenary hired by Shindou Rikimaru to retrieve a "genius" Miniature Dachshund from a TV station.

History Edit

Takuma Fudo ran afoul with the SNDF as the were escaping the affected. He easily overpowered Ryu with his physical prowess and unique skill known as "Enlightenment" and faced off against Ryu and Ranma. His Killer Intent caused Ranma to lose control of the Spiritual Affinity Arts, with the end result of Fudou losing his dominant arm.

Description and Personality Edit

Normally wearing a two-piece suit with a white shirt that has red cufflinks Takuma Fudou is described as a person who unites all sins of man. Despite his distinguished look, he also sports an eye patch over his left eye for unknown reasons, and despite his look, he can be quite maniacal and psychotic at times. As a Majin he lives only to quench his unending desire for power and death. He does not like being manipulated to a certain point without compensation, and does not wish to be kept waiting. There are times, however, where he can have a calm and cool demeanor in normal situations, but this normally is gone when he is in battle.

Abilities Edit

Fudou is an incredible fearsome fighter who is frighteningly fast and powerful. His battle experience in battle is second to none. Even after taking the full force of the Yamasenken he stood back up and was still moving at hypersonic speed and had monstrous strength as if nothing had happened to him.

His main ability however, is also a sub-variation of the Sixth Sense which has given him the nickname "Enlightened Fudou". There is a great deal of difference between a fighter who has been forced to kill and a killer. And that is "Tou-Ki." (Battle Ki) and "Satsu Ki" (Killing Intent/Killing Ki), in reality there is no real difference between the two similar to the Moko Takabisha and the Shi Shi Hokodan they are merely different expressions of the same thing. Satsuki is the killing power that is usually emitted by the body/soul when about to kill someone. It can be felt by martial artists of a good level but mostly by animals and other highly sensitive beings.

You usually see this is assassins or practitioners of particularly deadly styles. It is not uncommon for a trainee to be placed face to face with a giant killing tiger all in all to pass the test of the killing aura; as if to check that he has enough killing power. If the tiger lowers their head when their gazes meet the trainee passes the test. The power of satsuki is so strong that its victims know on a lower level of consciousness that they are in danger that the trainee is dangerous nay it is worst they are danger. Strength and experience mean nothing to these feelings, the victims control shattered in an instant as that dark part of our mind tries to take control to the part of the human psyche we are still children afraid of the dark. Being able to wield "Satsu Ki" doesn’t necessarily mean one is an evil person, however Fudou is so consumed with the desire to kill that it has caused a fundamental change in his ki turning him into a 'demon' (魔神, Majin) this is referred to as Matōki.

This also changes the way his sixth sense works as well allowing him to sense not danger but the death instinct Thanatos. This form of sixth sense or Chokushi (直死, lit. Direct Death) is considered to be such a rarity that it is thought not to exist at all. Chokushi allows the user to "perceive death", the conceptual "Death of an Existence", as visual signals in the form of limited precognition. Rather than "seeing", it is more like they are "observing" everything at a higher level. This way they can anticipate how their enemies will attack or what they will do which makes it incredibly hard to fight user effectively.

The ability to perceive the death of a being or object depends entirely upon the user's perception of death. It is invisible to normal people, only accessed through perceiving the natural flaws with overly strong spiritual sight by looking through channels that normal people cannot perceive. In perceiving death, it can be said they see the Root itself. Desiring an enemy’s death or facing one’s own mortality causes an overwhelming emotional discharge. Therefore allowing user to sense Thanatos from anything that’s about to die.

Chokushi shows the death of things, the weak points where everything is most easily broken and the imperfection in everything that will break down one day. Fudou is said to be able to see the fate of all things, seeing the future, allowing him to see death. While there is a difference as to when a person or object will "end", it is certain that they will all arrive at that point because death is not something that "arrives", but rather is something already contained within an object at its creation and certainly bound to happen as part of the principle of causality.

Anything with an origin must have an end, a "time of death" determined at the beginning, and as it already exists, it is not impossible to comprehend such a concept, allowing them to be viewed as though through a window. It is normal that cutting a living being's neck would kill them, their life stopping because it was cut, and conversely not being able to cut a being's neck would mean that they will not die. Fudou can ignore the cause, instead allowing him to kill even that which is immune to all external effects. That which is cut falls apart and that which is "killed" becomes "dead", but rather than "tracing the lines causing the object to fall apart" and the object becoming dead because it was cut, it is "ending the lifespan and killing the object." It is the erasure of existence rather than physical destruction, so the object is "stopped" and the cut is the end result.

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